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I am extremely happy to say that my students are increasingly imbued with the idea of introducing themselves and their Alma Mater by the newest means of electronic- based rather than paper-based documents .In fact, from a few years ago the practice of displaying public information by electronic means has been catching up fast in Nepal and I would say the construction of this home page is not an out -of -ordinary event. Nevertheless, this is the effort of the first batch of Masters' level students of Journalism and Mass Communication at Tribhuvan University Central Department and the theme of information chosen is media education in Nepal, which is also of the first kind. I believe this is a laudable initiative ever undertaken by the university students in Nepal. I hope all the citizens in Nepal and in the world will be benefited by this hypertext linkage. I also hope that this informative page will be long lasting with necessary updates.

Lal Deosa Rai
Central Department of Journalism and Mass Communication,
Tribhuvan University ,