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It must be taken into consideration that journalism education should not be confined to teaching of theory and practical knowledge but it should also be in reshaping the course of social change and be responsive to the sensibility of environment. While the emergency of an Information Age is bringing about revolutionary changes in thinking and practices of humankind, for Nepal this has become all the more meaningful and relevant in the context of restoration of parliamentary democracy, which in its trail has set in the new trends towards liberalization and privatization, even if slowly.

Now that more than two decades have gone by since the inception of journalism education in the country, it is high time the government and the University authorities realize that timely and appropriate training of journalists or mass communicators is measured as fundamental to the development of a free and responsible press. Indeed, the role of journalism and mass communication education in enhancing and enriching the producers of mass communication messages cannot be undermined by general education policy of any government

The University as a whole in Nepal, has become a huge elephant, not only that, like any other university, it has the responsibility of preparing the students for a variety of occupations besides journalism; naturally its course curriculum, infrastructures and budgets are expected to meet various and varied needs and requirements of society.

The Government, the educationists, the mass communication specialists and the media professionals must come together to ponder over the problems and constraints of journalism and mass communication education, and design a new policy to create the media society envisaged by the Constitution. Such a policy should not ignore the possibility of donor agencies participation. Otherwise, the new Information Age will deepen the Nepalese crisis, and democracy will remain just a chimera for the common Nepalese people.

So we, the student of mass communication and journalism studying in Masters level have decided to reduce the big gap between the media lovers and media persons. We hope that this site will be a forum to discuss on the topic of media. That is why we welcome you to read it and actively participate on the discussion and make a valuable comment. We always welcome healthy comments. Hope that the site will be helpful to bring all media persons, journalists and civil society under one umbrella.