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The history of Journalism education was not very old in Nepal. The education of Mass communication and Journalism was introduced in Nepal only in 1976. Ratna Rajya Laxmi College of Tribhuvan University, the oldest university of Nepal, was the first college to starts it from Proficiency level. Later it was developed in diploma level in 1986. After the 15 years later it was able to launch Master's level course in Journalism. Now it is proud to announce that the department has already celebrated its silverjublee in 2002. The time when the education of Journalism was introduced in Nepal first time, Nepalese press was facing skilled manpower as well as professnalism. Party politics was in line. In this situation the education of Journalism played a role of fuel to run this sector. Till the date hundreds of Journalists have already been produced. It is proud to say that the products of this department are in mainstream and even in the implementation level. And most of the current national level media are holding by this product of Ratna Rajya.

UNESCO assisted the newly set up Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at R.R. Campus in the early 1980s for purchase of instructional radio and television equipment, and for construction of physical facilities in the campus. UNDP provided funding for the training of journalism trainers in Kathmandu. Two of the staff members of the Department are trained as trainers also at IIJ Berlin. Very recently one more staff member has been endorsed for higher education in mass communication at a Japanese University. One photo lab equipment and one computer have been acquired recently out of the campus internal fund.

The Department has three permanent teaching staff and three media professionals on contract. So far, there is no lab assistant on the staff.

Currently department has..... Students. PCL .......... Bachelors and ................. in Masters . Like wise the .......... teacher including ........professor .........reader and ........... Lecturer.